an Exquisite Gourmand

Saffron and Sicilian Almonds are blended with whispering silky milk notes, garnished with Bourbon Vanilla and butter Toffee

Discover the intoxicating charm of Italica, part of the Casamorati collection.

Warm and full-bodied, Italica opens to creamy top notes of almond and milk , warmed by hints of spicy saffron and leading to a sweet heart of bourbon, vanilla and irresistible toffee.

Notes of deep sandalwood and white musk provide a classic base.

The classic Xerjoff Casamorati packaging has been reimagined with a focus on sustainability, while retaining the references to the Liberty style that distinguishes the brand’s history.

30ML   –   100ML

Saffron, Almond, Milky Notes

Bourbon Vanilla, Toffee

Sandalwood, White Musks